#908 - $585
Dark Multicolor /Sterling Worry Beads (17")

#726: $28
White Marbled Worry Beads with Tassel (11 in.)

#903 - $235
Old Faturan "Olives" Worry Beads

#921 - $245
Mahogany Faturan Worry Beads with Silver Tassle (22")

#C25 - $575
Amber Worry Beads (wonderfully irregular colorations/shapes)

#904 (2) - $120
Green Faturan/Sterling Worry Beads (12")

#906 - $190
Light Green Amber/Sterling Worry Beads (12")

Eye Bead Worry Beads (11.5")
$1.50 each 

#920 - $550
Green Amber Worry Beads with Sterling Tassle

Small Polyester Worry Beads (11")
$2.50 each

#914- $45
Multicolor Ovals/Silver Worry Beads (12")

Belgari with Round Beads (9")
$2.75 each

#714: Obsidian Volcanic Glass/Rock Worry Beads (11")
(black and brown colorations shown above) - $24

#902 - $120
Old Camel Bone Round, Petite Worry Beads (11")


Here find higher-end Worry Beads (beautiful real amber and more!).

#901 - $155
Old Camel Bone Oval Worry Beads (16")

#C34 - $25
Tangerine Faux Amber Worry Beads with Tassel (14 in.) 

Little Eye Bead Worry Beads (8")
$1 each

#WB41  $12.50 each
Large Komboloi with Tassel (16.5 in.)

#MALA: $48
Tibetan Mala Inlaid Yak Bone Prayer Beads

#907 - $400
Clear Green Amber/Sterling  (12.5")

#811 - $850
Old Amber Worry Beads (17")

#911 - $210
Olive Green Ovals/Sterling Worry Beads (12")

Worry Beads

Greek Worry Beads (Komboloi) originated thousands of years ago in the prayer beads of many cultures and traditions... Hindu and Buddhist (Mala), Christian (Rosary), and Muslim (Tasbih or Masbaha). Today they are used for their comforting effect....helping smokers to quit, the anxious to breathe more deeply, the very pregnant to be patient...and as a remembrance to all of the Greek people and their culture. 

Pricing Info: Prices listed here are WHOLESALE prices, requiring a minimum order of $100. 
For your convenience, you may now place WHOLESALE orders for Worry Beads on our online ordering site at MykonosBeads.com. If it is your first time ordering online with us, you will be prompted to create a new account on the login page. 

If you'd like to place a small retail order at double wholesale price, or if you'd just rather phone in or email your order, please email us at info@greekfleamarket.com or call 508-778-0698.

Please note that ALL of our current suppliers have closed their businesses, so many items from our old site remain out of stock until we can locate new sources...we are not interested in Chinese items which have now flooded the market.

#KM5 - $60 
Faux Amber - Black (14")

Polyester Worry Beads (8.5")
$3 each

#KM7 - $44 
Faux Amber, 15" long overall; beads almost 1/2"

#WB17  (12") $3.75 each
Worry Beads with Tassle 

#WB80EE Poly Resin Eye Bead (11") $1 each

#WB29  (13")  $18 each 
Buffalo Horn Worry Beads with Tassles 

Poly Resin Eye Bead Worry Beads (7.5")  

#VELVET  $1 each
Little Drawstring Velvet Bags

Poly Resin Eye Bead Worry Beads (10")