An accessory for your purse; an oversized chain to outwit those who try to lose keys;
a thingy for your car; a fandangle. (8 inches long!) 

EEKRXL- 6" Ceramic Eye Charm Key Ring - Assorted $2

#EEKR $4 each or 3/$12

Butterfly, Sun, Skyros Boat, or Turtle $11.75 each

#EEKRM $2 each

Australian Recycled Wood Keyrings

Each One of a kind

$17 Each

Eye Bead Keychains

Australian Recycled Wood Keyrings

The exotic woods used to create our Recycled Wood Beads include mulga, pixie bush, gimlet, boree, jarrah, gidgee, and sandalwood. All Beads used are from branches found on the forest floor or recycled from discarded timbers.