Small Cretan Wool Rug

Dyed Felted Mohair Rug

Felted Mohair Rug 

Master's Signed Weaving from Metsovan - $1600 
Bedspread. Aspropotamos.

Handwoven Flokati Rug - $375 
100% wool, 72" x 86," 22 lbs. (10 kilos). Natural white, AAA quality rug with Greek Key Border Pattern in Sky Blue. Made in the mountain village of Trikala, Greece. A dying craft as the availability of wool decreases. A lifetime of use.

Handwoven Diamond Pattern Flokati Rug - $410 
6' by 8', "Me Mites." 

Cretan Tapestry Weave Rug

Handwoven Wool Fabric - $25/yard 
From the looms of Vienoula in Mykonos. Width varies (depends on loom) from 29" - 34." Mostly Mykonian Stripes in Reds, Golds, Blues, Magentas. Solid Color available in Natural. For 35 years, Vienoula used this fabric to make wonderful jackets and vests. These fabrics also adorn sofas, chairs, and beds from Boston to Mykonos. Last available anywhere in the world.

Metsovon Wallhanging - $600 
Long wallhanging from the village of Metsovon. Loom-woven in 23 colors. Chendema weaving. Aspropotamos.

Fabric and Weavings

Rugs, Fabrics, & Weavings

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Flokati Rugs

Mohair Rugs
Rare pieces from the monestary on the island of Evia.

Felted Mohair Rug