Style 5 - Delfi

Style 4 - Monastery of the Holy Trinity, Meteora

Style 3 - Santorini

Greeting Cards

Our gift cards are photographic reproductions of the wonderful wool collage art of Danish artist Lilly Kristensen. 
Pricing Info:
$1.75 each
$7.50 for 5 of one style or 5 assorted
$1.25 each if you buy more than 25 cards
$1.00 each if you buy more than 50 cards

There is no order minimum for greeting cards. Prices are as listed here for wholesale or retail orders.

For more info or to place an order, please email us at or give us a call at 508-778-0698.

Style 1 - Monasteriki, Athens

Style 2 - Convent of the Transfiguration, Meteora

Email or call 508-778-0698 for more info.