Silver Jewelry & Belts

We reproduced this Bedouin Camel Chain from my antique hand-hammered original, which had adorned desert Camels for generations (where it was more customary to bejewel animals rather than women!!!!)

The necklaces exist in one-meter lengths for $225. The original was very long (and came along with a rusty old loop and bit!!), so I broke it into three; one short, one medium and one even longer than a meter. If you wish different lengths, we can charge $5 to redo the ring connectors and just charge for the length desired.

#SAV4  Old Silver Savati Belt (29.5") $320

#SAV5 Old Silver Savati Belt (30")  $260

#MESH1  Antique Filigree Silver Mesh Belt (31") $350

Pricing Info: There is no order minimum to purchase from the Silver or Belt Collection. Prices are the same for wholesale or retail orders.

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Old and Antique Silver Jewelry and Belts, Savati Silver

Since 1975, we have always been on the lookout for lovely old pieces in jewelry and kelims and other accessory items when shopping in the bazaars of Monastiraki and Kapalicarsi (Ahtens and Instanbul). A large box of these wonders was "lost" in storage after 2 of our retail shops closed, and only recently was rediscovered... some really rare pieces in Savati technique from Turkey and Georgia, a variety of silver chain belts with unusual buckles, and an array of reproduction and old Savati Silver earrings, etc. 

Savati (also Savat in Turkey and Nielo in France) is a toxic old method of etching detailed designs with lead into silver with acid. A difficult technique, it is still now done - but safely - in Tiblisi and Istanbul. 

#MESH2  Antique Turkish Silver Mesh Belt (25")  $750

#SAV1  1940 Signed Belt Buckle/Tiblisi  $750