Eye Beads, Charms, and Accessories

Eye beads and charms, by themselves and embedded into jewelry and good luck pieces, are wonderful gifts for those we wish to watch over and protect from harm.

Greek Jewelry, Worry Beads and Gifts from Greece

Welcome to Greek Flea Market, a tantalizing online bazaar offering the best Greek imports, at great prices. Greek Worry Beads, Eye Beads, Jewelry and Bronze Goddess Sculptures from the original molds of Christophoro Sklavenitis are a few of the treasures you will find here.

Also, be sure to check out our few remaining flokati rugs and weavings, rustic copper pots, and antique silver jewelry. We guarantee that you can find more lovely greek handicrafteditems on this site, and at better prices, than you could find in a week in Athens.

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Bronze Statuary

Our Bronze Statuary of Greek Gods and Goddesses is made from the original molds of Christophoro Sklavenitis of Crete. He was a student of Modigliani and his work is exhibited in many museums throughout Greece and the United States.

Many of our jewelry designer customers have used these statues for unique jewelry displays!

Greek God and Goddess Statues as seen on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA!

  As seen on...

We reproduced this Bedouin Camel Chain from my antique hand-hammered original, which had adorned desert camels (where it was more customary to bejewel animals rather than women!!!!) The silver necklaces exist in one-meter lengths for $225.  If you wish different lengths, we can charge $5 to redo the ring connectors and only charge for the length desired.

Worry Beads

Greek Worry Beads (Komboloi) originated thousands of years ago in the prayer beads of many cultures and traditions... Hindu and Buddhist (Mala), Christian (Rosary), and Muslim (Tespih or Masbaha). Today they are used for their comforting effect....helping smokers to quit, the anxious to breathe more deeply, the very pregnant to be patient...and as a remembrance to all of the Greek people and their culture.

Rugs, Fabrics, and Weavings

Flokati rugs made in the mountain village of Trikala, rare mohair rugs from the monestary on the island of Evia, needlepoint rugs, kelims, handwoven wool fabrics from the looms of Vienoula in Mykonos, and master's signed weavings from Metsovan.

Wooden Birds from Mykonos

Mykonos Sea Birds! These handcarved wooden pieces will dip and soar in a breeze...Only a few remain!

Since 1975, we have always been on the lookout for lovely old pieces in jewelry and kelims and other accessory items when shopping in the bazaars of Monastiraki and Kapalicarsi (Athens and Istanbul). a few rare pieces in Savati technique from Turkey and Georgia, a variety of silver chain belts with unusual buckles, and an array of reproduction and old Savati Silver earrings, etc.

Copper and Brass Home Decor

Our old pieces in Copper or Brass range from 10 to 100 years old. Most are from Northern Greece, some from Turkey, and one from Egypt. Note all are decorative only, unless lined in tin for cooking or containing food.

(These Brass Pepper and Coffee Mills are new)

Greek Jewelry

We have a wide range of ceramic, metal and leather jewelry, all manufactured in Greece, available now on the site. Many items are at GREAT closeout prices (having been purchased before all of the recent steep increases in labor and materials prices) and the finished price is often less than the current cost of the component parts.  Check out all of our great bargains in Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Anklets, and Jewelry Sets.


We also offer stamped, silver-like alpaca votive plaques called "Tamata." These wonderful symbols convey wishes for many purposes: the new house, the healthy baby, the new love (the heart symbol is a wonderful Valentine at any time of the year!!!), the successful operation, the watchful eye. Tamata are similar to Milagros in the Latin tradition. They are also used as holiday tree decorations.

Eye bead charms, beads, bracelets and necklaces are TRENDING EVERYWHERE. Check ‘Em all out ...

Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards are photographic reproductions of the wonderful wool collage art of Danish artist Lilly Kristensen.

Little Zipper Purses

A BIG HIT, sell on their own and now also popular for packaging our designer's jewelry creations and other gifts. GREAT price points (start @ $1.75)

Little girls go crazy over the style with the long strap.